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    Auto Answers: Visitors Self-Service

    March 11th, 2016

    As part of the recent release of BoldChat v9.0, we introduced Auto Answers for Enterprise subscribers. Auto Answers is a self-service support feature that allows visitors to submit queries using natural language and instantly find contextual answers without operator involvement.

    When enabled, Auto Answers provides visitors a way to browse questions and answers before chatting live, deflecting common or repetitive engagement from operators. The feature is configured per chat window definition, which allows you to differentiate and customize visitors’ chat experience on your site.

    How do visitors experience Auto Answers?

    The typical engagement sequence for visitors are as follows.
    1. The visitor asks an initial question
    2. The visitor browses and rates the available answers
    3. The visitor initiates live chat if the issue persists
    Note: Operators can track visitors’ Auto Answer browsing history as well as their feedback once the live chat is started.

    Step One: Populating the answer pool

    Auto Answers utilizes canned messages to present the most relevant answers to visitors based on various factors, such as frequency of use, popularity, visitor rating and key terms.

    You can populate the pool of questions and answers using either the BoldChat Client or via API calls.

    Adding Canned Messages using the BoldChat Client

    This method is recommended for adding and editing individual messages.

    1. Go to Setup > Account Setup.
    2. Select Chats > Chat Canned Messages.
    3. Select the folder where you want to store messages for Auto Answers. If you haven’t created a designated folder yet, right-click Chat Canned Messages in the left pane and choose New Folder.
      Note: You can organize messages for Auto Answers in folder trees as well as multiple folders, but it is good practice to keep messages intended for Auto Answers in dedicated folders.
    4. Select the Auto Answers folder and click New in the top menu.
    5. Fill in the mandatory fields and click Save.

    Your message is ready to be used with Auto Answers.

    Managing Canned Messages via API

    This method is the preferred way to import large amounts of data, such as an entire knowledge base or FAQ to be used with Auto Answers.

    1. Option. Use Canned Folders CRUD Methods to organize and set up Chat Message folders.
    2. Prepare your content.
    3. Import the corpus using Chat Canned Messages CRUD Methods.

    Step Two: Configuring the Chat Window

    Fine-tune Auto Answers to show content depending on your preferences. For example, when do you want to show Auto Answers to visitors? Will they be forced to read answers, or can they bypass them before engaging with an operator?

    1. In the Desktop Client, go to Setup > Account Setup.
    2. Select your chat window definition you want to use with Auto Answers under Chats > Custom Chat Windows and clickEdit in the top menu.
    3. Go to the Auto Answers tab and select Enable Auto Answers for this chat window.
    4. Use the Auto Answer Status and Auto Answer Type options to adapt Auto Answers to your needs.
    5. Configure how answers are displayed to visitors.
    6. Select the message folders to be used with your chat window under Canned Message Folders for Auto Answers.
    7. Click Save.
    The Auto Answers feature is configured and enabled for your chat window.
    A full list of new features is available at help.boldchat.com. These new features are available immediately for Enterprise customers. To upgrade to the new version of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates. This will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update or simply go to our Downloads page and download the latest version.

    Measure Customer Loyalty with NPS

    December 15th, 2014

    NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a benchmarking technique to gauge customer loyalty and happiness. With BoldChat v7.9, you can now add NPS as an option for post-chat surveys and report on your findings with our new NPS web report.

    NPS is based on a single direct question:

    How likely is it you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

    Respondents fall into three categories:

    • Promoters rate your company a 9 or 10. They will consistently recommend you when asked about it.
    • Passives rate your company a 7 or 8. They are considered to be fairly neutral and will not deter anyone from buying from you.
    • Detractors rate your company between 0 and 6. They will discourage others from buying from you.

    The score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters, yielding a score between -100 and 100. The fewer the Detractors, the better your score is.

    To setup, go to Setup > Account Setup > Chats.  On the Post-Chat Form tab, click Show survey to visitor after they end the chat, then select Prompt for Net Promoter Score.


    To upgrade to version 7.9 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Boost Productivity with My Canned Messages Shorthand

    December 5th, 2014

    A new shorthand code allows operators to quickly insert a canned message with just a few keystrokes. Simply type a shorthand code followed by a space in the chat editor and it automatically replaces the code with the canned message.

    To set up a shorthand code, go to Setup > My Canned Messages Setup > Create New Item. The shorthand code can contain alphanumeric characters only.



    Once the shorthand code is setup, it can be used immediately. To use, type the shorthand code in the chat editor followed by a space.


    Shorthand is an included feature for BoldChat Premier and Enterprise

    To upgrade to version 7.9 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Add Entries to Auto Correct

    June 20th, 2014

    If you have words that you use often that are tough to spell or have some challenging capitalization, you can define them in your personal auto correct list. For example, LogMeIn, is tough to read if the capitalization is incorrect. We can define an auto correct rule to always change “logmein” or “Logmein” to “LogMeIn.”

    Start by typing the incorrect form or spelling of the word in your typing pane. Next, right click on the word and select “Auto Correct”.

    AutoCorrect 1

    You can select one of the suggested corrections or select “Auto correct as …” to enter your corrected word.


    After typing the new correction, click OK. Anytime you use the incorrect form of that word, the system will change it to the corrected version for you.

    Chat Window Language Detection

    April 18th, 2014

    With BoldChat version 7.7, you can set your chat windows to detect the end user’s browser language and automatically render the window elements in one of BoldChat’s supported languages. Additionally, you can choose to present a language selection option in the pre-chat form allowing the visitor to select from a list of languages you have configured and the chat window will instantly rebrand to show the appropriate translated view. Supported languages besides English include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, or Brazilian Portuguese.

    To setup the multi-language chat window feature, go to Setup > Account Setup > Chats > Custom Chat Window. Select the custom window you would like to edit or click New to create a new chat window. In the Brandings tab, click the ellipsis button and select the languages you want to support.


    To upgrade to version 7.7 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or, simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Organize and Collaborate with Email Management

    March 12th, 2014

    Email remains the preferred communication method of online consumers, despite all of the options available today. Unfortunately, most email applications create individual silos of information and limit group collaboration. Even worse, many times email sent to a group of people never get assigned or owned by anyone.


    BoldChat’s Email Management supports a collaborative approach.

    • Assign, route, escalate and organize: Ensure customers and prospects are responded to with accurate information in a timely manner
    • Team-based: Treat emails like work tickets.
    • Integrated: Associate emails with chats & calls

    You can get other operators involved by adding them to the discussion:
    Email Management is an included feature in BoldChat Enterprise.

    Using Adaptive Canned Messaging

    February 25th, 2014

    A handy feature to help you respond to questions is adaptive canned messaging. When you click on “Search Canned Messages,” canned messages appear in a fixed field beside your chat. If you use BoldChat Premiere or Enterprise, you have a feature called Adaptive Canned Messaging.


    This feature uses a proprietary algorithm that automatically searches your library of canned message based on the real-time conversation occurring between you and the website visitor. The most appropriate responses appear right where you need them.

    To use the feature, simply click on “Search Canned Messages.” Each time your visitor sends a message the adaptive canned messaging will search for possible answers. Each time you type and then pause for a second, the canned messages will again be searched. If you need something more specific, simply highlight specific text in the chat and it will again search for similar canned messaging.

    This feature will actually get “smarter” the more it is used because of its built-in learning methodology. As search results are selected and sent, the text used as part of the search becomes a “learned text” entry associated with that canned message and saved at the server level. Because Adaptive Messaging queries both the raw messaging content and the learned text, search results get better and better. Learning is stored at the server level, so the entire user community of your account shares the benefit.

    BoldChat Video Resources

    February 11th, 2014

    Last week we wrote about using the BoldChat case studies as a resource to learn how other companies use BoldChat. This week we spotlight our video resources section of BoldChat.com. The videos are categorized as Testimonials, Products, Chat Agents, and Just for Fun. The Testimonials and Chat Agent videos will give you a chance to hear how other BoldChat customers are using chat. The Product videos include the topics Email Management Tool in BoldChat, BoldChat’s Live Chat Salesforce Integration, and Chat Recovery Chat Recapture. The Just For Fun category include Ross getting shot with paint balls and a few cute cartoons staring Bold Dude.


    From the BoldChat.com website, select the Resource tab and then click Video Library. Check back periodically as we add more videos.