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    BoldChat Open Forum: Chat Experiment Engine – Recording Now Available

    May 18th, 2015

    Our May Open Forum was a deep dive into the new Chat Experiment Engine. We showed you how to leverage this tool to test multiple variations of buttons, windows, invitations, and invite rules or rulesets simultaneously.

    During this session, our BoldChat expert:

    • Provided an overview of BoldChat’s new Chat Experiment Engine
    • Reviewed how to set up experiments and run reports to measure success
    • Gave brief demos of the Chat Experiment Engine capabilities
    • Answered questions in a Q&A format

    If you missed our BoldChat May Open Forum, it’s not too late. You can still watch the recorded forum:

    Click here to watch the BoldChat Experiment Engine Open Forum.

    Button Availability Report

    February 6th, 2015

    With the Button Availability Report, you’re able to gain awareness into changes in chat button status and availability. For example: When were your chat buttons available? Did they reach queue limits? Were there times no operators were available? The report also takes operator availability, operational hours, and website availability into account.

    For a given period, you can view data for specific/all chat buttons in your account, or for specific/all types of status change.

    Button report

    The Button Availability Report is available via web reports and is an included feature for BoldChat Enterprise. To access web reports, simply go to report.boldchat.com and login.

    Credit Card Obfuscation

    January 16th, 2015

    With our data obfuscation methodologies you are able to replace potentially sensitive data with generic characters to ensure that sensitive information is safe. With the release of BoldChat v7.9, you can now choose to conceal only credit card formats.

    Credit Card Obfuscation allows the concealment of credit card formats to mask user input that conforms to standard credit card number format.

    To setup, go to Setup > Account Setup > Chats > Custom Chat Windows. On the Chat Messages Tab, you can select Only Credit Card Formats under What to Conceal.

    credit card

    To upgrade to version 7.9 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Invitation Throttling

    January 7th, 2015

    The invitation throttle controls the balance between the number of invitations sent and the risk that your target queue is exceeded. This helps you avoid long queues of unassigned chats when more visitors accept invitations than operators can handle.

    To setup Invitation Throttling, go to Setup > Automatic Distribution > Automatic Chat Distribution Setup

    ACD Invite Throttling

    You are able to customize the following settings:

    Target Queue Size: The target number of chats that you are willing to leave queued for assignment. The invitation throttle adjusts the number of invitations sent in order to optimize queue size.

    Expected Acceptance Rate: The expected likelihood that an invitation will be accepted. You can choose your own percentage or use the calculated value, which is based on a moving average of the actual acceptance rate.

    Throttle Rate: This is your willingness to risk that more invitations will be accepted than your target queue size.

    Invitation Throttling is an included feature for BoldChat Enterprise

    To upgrade to version 7.9 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Boost Productivity with My Canned Messages Shorthand

    December 5th, 2014

    A new shorthand code allows operators to quickly insert a canned message with just a few keystrokes. Simply type a shorthand code followed by a space in the chat editor and it automatically replaces the code with the canned message.

    To set up a shorthand code, go to Setup > My Canned Messages Setup > Create New Item. The shorthand code can contain alphanumeric characters only.



    Once the shorthand code is setup, it can be used immediately. To use, type the shorthand code in the chat editor followed by a space.


    Shorthand is an included feature for BoldChat Premier and Enterprise

    To upgrade to version 7.9 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

    Mobile Optimized Chat

    October 31st, 2014

    You don’t need a mobile optimized website to implement BoldChat’s layered window. The layered window is easily deployed and provides a seamless chat experience for mobile visitors on any website.

    When a user begins a chat, a semi-transparent window slides up and the chat conversation takes place directly on the page the visitor is viewing. When minimized, the chat is encapsulated in a small icon which visually indicates when an operator has sent a message. Modify colors and text, change transparency settings, and customize after-chat iconography. Visitors can control the chat with a tap, swipe, or via a menu selection.

    To utilize the layered chat window, go to Setup > Account Setup > Chats > Custom Chat Windows > New. Within the Chat Window Type section, select Layered from the drop down menu.

    layered chat setup

    Customize Your Interface with Column Chooser

    July 11th, 2014

    We had a customer reach out to our chat support group with the following problem: “I previously had the option to see a visitor’s name, maybe somehow I turned it off. How do I get it back in view?” The answer is, with the Column Chooser, each operator can add and remove columns from their Active Chat grid – sometimes, by accident.

    If you would like to add a column back in or see what other columns are available, go to Active Chats > Grid Preferences > Column Chooser. To add one of those columns to your grid, click, hold and drag it back to the column grid. You can add it anywhere along the grid.

    Column Chooser

    To remove a column from your grid, simply click, hold and drag it off of the grid and release.

    Organize and Collaborate with Email Management

    March 12th, 2014

    Email remains the preferred communication method of online consumers, despite all of the options available today. Unfortunately, most email applications create individual silos of information and limit group collaboration. Even worse, many times email sent to a group of people never get assigned or owned by anyone.


    BoldChat’s Email Management supports a collaborative approach.

    • Assign, route, escalate and organize: Ensure customers and prospects are responded to with accurate information in a timely manner
    • Team-based: Treat emails like work tickets.
    • Integrated: Associate emails with chats & calls

    You can get other operators involved by adding them to the discussion:
    Email Management is an included feature in BoldChat Enterprise.