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    Using Adaptive Canned Messaging

    A handy feature to help you respond to questions is adaptive canned messaging. When you click on “Search Canned Messages,” canned messages appear in a fixed field beside your chat. If you use BoldChat Premiere or Enterprise, you have a feature called Adaptive Canned Messaging.


    This feature uses a proprietary algorithm that automatically searches your library of canned message based on the real-time conversation occurring between you and the website visitor. The most appropriate responses appear right where you need them.

    To use the feature, simply click on “Search Canned Messages.” Each time your visitor sends a message the adaptive canned messaging will search for possible answers. Each time you type and then pause for a second, the canned messages will again be searched. If you need something more specific, simply highlight specific text in the chat and it will again search for similar canned messaging.

    This feature will actually get “smarter” the more it is used because of its built-in learning methodology. As search results are selected and sent, the text used as part of the search becomes a “learned text” entry associated with that canned message and saved at the server level. Because Adaptive Messaging queries both the raw messaging content and the learned text, search results get better and better. Learning is stored at the server level, so the entire user community of your account shares the benefit.

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