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    Chat Window Language Detection

    With BoldChat version 7.7, you can set your chat windows to detect the end user’s browser language and automatically render the window elements in one of BoldChat’s supported languages. Additionally, you can choose to present a language selection option in the pre-chat form allowing the visitor to select from a list of languages you have configured and the chat window will instantly rebrand to show the appropriate translated view. Supported languages besides English include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, or Brazilian Portuguese.

    To setup the multi-language chat window feature, go to Setup > Account Setup > Chats > Custom Chat Window. Select the custom window you would like to edit or click New to create a new chat window. In the Brandings tab, click the ellipsis button and select the languages you want to support.


    To upgrade to version 7.7 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it’s time to update. (Or, simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.)

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