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    Bold360 August Update & BoldChat 14.1

    We are excited to announce the release of Bold360 Updates & BoldChat version 14.1.

    Agent Workspace – New features and improvements

    • While Agents/Supervisors monitor the chatbot or chat sessions of their organizations, they can now do the following:
      • Get live preview for the selected item
      • View details of the session including previous history with that customer
      • List closed chats for a selected date or date range
      • View the content of all chat folders at once
    • New audio alerts have been added to make audio feedback more prominent
    • The number of simultaneously visible work items in the Agent Workspace has been increased from three
    • Improved text editor for composing chat, messaging, and emails including enhancements to sending URLs
    • The Bold360 user interface now refers to visitors as customers
    • Various performance improvements that make interaction between customers and agents smoother when chatting or sending emails.

    Chat window improvements

    • From AI-enabled chat windows, agents can now transfer files to customers.

    Admin Center – New features and improvements

    • The number of canned messages in a folder are displayed on the Canned Messages page for chats, messages, and emails.

    To view previous BoldChat feature updates and to access various support materials, visit help.boldchat.com

    If you have any specific questions for the BoldChat team, please reach out to your account manager, or email support@boldchat.com

    BoldChat Version 14.1 was released on Tuesday, August 7th

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