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    New Bold360 Enhancements & Capabilities – March 2019

    The demands on customer support agents are increasing as new engagement channels and higher customer expectations add complexity to their workflows.​ That’s why we are always striving to make Bold360 a more intuitive and informative solution. In our latest product release, we’re making it easier for agents to collaborate with other agents and supervisors. Here are some highlights from this latest release:

    Discussions: Agents who are chatting with a customer can start a Discussion with another agent or supervisor to ask for assistance or clarification. This behind-the-scenes conversation also enables a warm hand-off to another agent or supervisor.

    Join Chat: When in a Discussion, an agent or supervisor can Join a Chat with an existing agent and customer. With two agents working together to answer the customer’s question, resolution comes even faster. Plus, the customer can see that the original agent and the new agent are both present in the conversation, so they don’t have to worry about starting all over and repeating their problem to the new agent.

    Bot to Agent Chat Reassignment: We’ve enabled Supervisors to reassign chats from a bot to an agent in unique circumstances where manual intervention is needed. (Bold360 ai only)

    Customizable Agent Panels: Now agents can save which panels they want to appear in their default view every time they log in.​

    Agent Workspace Enhancements: We’ve added some great new enhancements to the Bold360 Agent Workspace including separate knowledge bases, agent workload displays and improved notifications.

    For more information on this release, keep an eye on our help center. We’re also planning an upcoming webinar that will go more in-depth on these new features!

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